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Concept, choreography, performance
Dominik Więcek, Michał Przybyła

Work selected for INKUBATOR artistic residencies program, organized by TanzFaktur in Cologne


Ulrike Nestler, Christian Grammel, Emanuele Soavi, Reut Shemesh.


TanzFaktur in Kolni / Germany

Krakow Choroegraphy Center


work in progress

The work of Michał Przybyła and Dominik Więcek focuses on developing the topic of adaptation: in the body, movement and performative activities. Adaptation is considered in the context of changes taking place here and now, in the world, like. climate change, changes in the functioning of society in the face of a pandemic, political changes.

The performers started creative process during their residency in Cologne, Germany, where they participate in the INCUBATOR 2020 program organized by TanzFaktur. Under the guidance of mentors, they worked on modeling new body structures based on psychophysical experiences. Their main research oscillated around developing the concept of persona and its emotional states.

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