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Concept and execution

Michał Przybyła, Dominik Więcek


Krystian Koźbiał


Józef Buchnajzer

The performance was created as part of the Open Pavilion program.




ANIMALIA is an open installation, which in its primary assumption tries to classify the human species as equivalent to other species.

Showing the abnormalities in the ecosystem, caused by man's  recognition of superiority over animals, illustrated with movement, improvisation, voice and the use of objects is the base for starting a "live" discussion between performers and viewers on the hierarchy of values in the natural environment of the 21st century.

The search for answers to questions about power and related to it morality will form the core of internal performer's monologues. Broken fragments of statements, manifested in body images and mosaics, regarding the treatment of animals, endangered species, pseudo-farming and mass production of meat, will create a real picture of humanity from the perspective of both sides of the conflict.

Is it possible to return to the roots? Is it possible that the fear of extinction applies to both humans and animals? Is it possible to re-systematize the food chain? Is change a possible? Is coexistence without divisions possible?

The performance, in the form of an improvised performance, is open to the participation of the audience. Choose your space, choose the angle and distance from which you look at what is happening. Choose the image you are looking at. Choose the voice you are listening to. Choose which side you are on.

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