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Wojciech Grudziński



Wojciech Grudziński, Aleksandra Kostrzewa, Katarzyna Szugajew, Dominik Więcek



Bartosz Zalewski 

CREW The dance of people and equipment 

“Intoxicated with such sweet delusions and allure of this brilliant future, he flared up with the desire to implement his plans as quickly as possible. First, then, he set out to clean various parts of his armor in the inheritance of his rest, and for several centuries under rust and dust in a corner of the house, somewhere blissfully resting. "



Let us imagine a situation in which a choreographer, choreographer, dancer and dancer try to revive the work that is the core of the repertoire of the world's greatest ballet companies, namely Don Quixote - a masterpiece by Miguel Cervantes about the famous idealist; manifesto of fiction and illusion. The production of this title is usually a large and expensive production that requires advanced equipment and maintenance. This shows how important the team and technical facilities of cultural institutions, such as theater, are. Let the scale be illustrated by the numbers quoted in the next sentence. In 2018, the Grand Theater - National Opera purchased 290 technical devices with a total value of PLN 9.5 million thanks to EU funds and the support of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (co-financing: PLN 7.8 million). Theater is an army of artisans who cut, weld, build, sew and measure. Most of the stage elements are prepared in theatrical studios long before their premiere. The theater workshops are equipped with machines with ultra-modern possibilities to meet the fantasies of the creators. What happens when this theatrical machine runs out? What will happen if the responsibility for creating a stage illusion rests solely with the people involved in the show? What creative potential are offered by limited or even lack of opportunities? CREW dances of people and equipment is a three-act story about the dismal face of theatrical guts. CREW is a tribute to technology, it is a choreography that moves the theater space. In our adaptation of Don Quixote, "eye to eye" with the people on stage, will become one of the "most important inventions" in the history of mankind. In times of increasing adversities, creating surreal visions, alternative worlds and choreographic stories can be a way to stay calm in these unfavorable times.

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