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Jakub Czerski, Przemysław Degórski, Marta Kaca, Jan Skorupa

Choreography & Dance performance
Patryk Durski, Anna Kamińska, Dominik Więcek

Music & Electronic performers

Marta Kaca - conductor
Jan Skorupa - live electronics
Przemysław Degórski - live electronics
Jakub Czerski - theremin, synthesizers

Sepia Ensemble in the line-up

Paulina Graś-Łukaszewska - flute,

Szymon Jóźwiak - clarinet,

Bartłomiej Miler - drums,

Tomasz Sośniak - piano,

Olga Winkowska - violin,

Ostap Mańko - violin,

Kamil Babka - viola
Anna Szmatoła - cello,

Bogusz Tworek - double bass (guest appearance)


Musica Posthumana is a combination of a concert, stage installation and choreography performance. The created sound environment combines instrumental and electronic music, as well as sonifies the data of body movement. The performance uses machine learning strategies and motion capture system, among others.

The title refers to the Bohemian theory of three spheres, which introduces the division of music: musica instrumentalis - music heard by a human, musica humana - music of the harmony of soul and body, and musica mundana - music of the harmony of the Universe. The performance expands this division by a fourth element - musica posthumana, in which the boundaries of the division proposed by Boethjusz are blurred and the sound receives autonomous thinking.

The performance of Musica Posthumana is, according to the authors, an environment that functions on the basis of the relationship between sound, movement and technology. Their existence and constant interaction makes it difficult to talk about the elements of the performance as isolated, self-sufficient matter. Thus, the perspective of components functioning solely on the basis of interaction with each other becomes preferable.

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