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On this page you will find all information about the STICKY FINGERS CLUB performance.
Please contact us: / +48 790 875 799

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I almost got the flowers and I almost knew what the champagne tasted like.

I am the first to be off the podium. I have overtaken all those behind me.

I almost have a reason to be proud.

I got lost in the same place again.

The ovation was almost standing.


Sticky Fingers Club is a show about failure, where the characters are always in the background. They often take fourth place, and in the fight for the Oscar they compete with the unrivaled Meryl Streep. In the face of constant failures, they create a space for celebration in which they are the stars. They celebrate being imperfect on their own terms, support each other and challenge each other. Among the expressive characters there is an opera singer who loves music without reciprocity, a neurotic lady, a faded star and a dancer who has never had the opportunity to dance on a solo stage.

The performance, both in terms of movement and the expressive, frontal "attitude" of the performers, refers to queer culture, ballroom culture and vogue dance itself. Here, a space is opened for social exclusion and non-normativity to reveal a colorful identity. Pop culture references to the queer mainstream, popular fashion shows, and Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen add a huge sense of humor and self-irony to Sticky Fingers Club. The play raises the broader issue of failure and the exclusion and forgetting that result from it, without resorting to generalizations or moralizing. It uses theatrical and choreographic tools, so it is difficult to pigeonhole and classify it. By questioning social norms, it becomes critical choreography.


STICKY FINGERS CLUB to nieformalny kolektyw twórczy, w którego skład wchodzą Daniela Komędera, Dominika Wiak, Dominik Więcek i Monika Witkowska. Do ich pierwszego spotkania doszło na Wydziale Teatru Tańca w Bytomiu (AST w Krakowie), gdzie wspólnie studiowali. Początkiem ich działalności stała się praca nad spektaklem Sticky Fingers Club. W swojej pracy artystycznej poruszają się na granicach teatru, choreografii i performansu. Lubią podważać własne nawyki, dekonstruować teatralność i wsłuchiwać się w swój wspólny jak i indywidualny głos. Interesuje ich autoironia, praca oparta na zabawie i przyzwolenie na przerysowanie.

The performance received second prize in the National Competition for the Best Performance of an Independent Theater "The Best OFF"

As part of the 55th Review of Small Theater Forms KONTRAPUNKT 2021 in Szczecin the jury composed of: Jolanta Krukowska, Paulina Skorupska, Adam Karol Drozdowski, admittedaward named after Zygmunt Duczyński funded by the Marshal of the Zac VoivodeshipHodniopomorskie. The jury appreciated the team's original collective work, creative use of space potential, lightness of humor, simplicity and brilliance of the means used. Particular attention is paid to the unique way of using light as a real partner for performers.

Performance was selected for the Polish Dance Platform.


Concept, choreography, performance

Daniela Komędera-Miśkiewicz, Dominika Wiak, Dominik Więcek, Monika Witkowska

Dramatical support

Konrad Kurowski


Krystian Koźbiał


Przemek Degórski

Costumes using designs by

Krystian Szymczak, Edvard Kuzmich, Roman Marchewka


Gdańsk Dance Festival / ŻAK Club, Lublin Dance Theater


03/09/2020 / 12th Gdańsk Dance Festival

The performance is created as part of the "Spaces of Art" program financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, carried out by the Institute of Music and Dance and the Zbigniew Raszewski Theater Institute. The operator of the project in Lublin is the Cultural Center in Lublin.


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 - R E V I E W S - 


    The performance appears sophisticated. Stylish black costumes - the color of success and mystery – which emphasize expressiveness of the dancing bodies, and the light not only brings out depth of the figures, but also becomes the subject itself. It includes some and ignores others. Is an object of desire that is being fought for - a race for attention and achievement? Everything is characterized by a delicate humorous twist, which makes the performance, despite its difficult subject, not overwhelming; lightness and seriousness are respectively balanced. Watching Sticky Fingers Club is a huge pleasure.

Hanna Raszewska-Kursa | Teatr Magazine


    The performance is a witty, self-ironic parade of losers, not devoid of bitter aftertaste. It touches the subject contrary to success - failure, or rather the sensitive issue of being "right behind". Right behind the winner, right behind the podium, just below the line. That annoying, hitting point of being in a narrow group of nominees, but ultimately forced to give up a sense of style, and finally forgotten, because who remembers about the runner-up, or who reached the finish line fourth?

Natalia Szafrankiewicz |



    A sense of humor, originality of movement, excellent harmony and throwing the viewer off the beaten paths of associations - these are the advantages of "Sticky Fingers Club", in which smooth transitions from group scenes to solo performances allowed to highlight the strengths of each dancer. They started with a joke - and ended likewise. They can still amaze. They alternately entertained the viewers and demanded their concentration. They engaged the entire space of the stage, including the balconies. They were self-ironic, because wasn’t it about how much artists love splendor, take failures badly, and envy each other - was it intelligently playful? But were they just artists?

 Anna Umięcka | 


T E C H N I C A L    R I D E R 


Contact: Dominik Więcek / +48 790875799 



  1. SPACE

  • BlackBox, preferable size: 8m x 10m (frontal audience)

  1. LIGHTNING (light setting picture enclosed bellow) 

  • PC reflector [16]

  • PROFILE ETC 750 reflector [9]

  • Moving Head [1]

  • Asymmetrical floodlight [4]

  • PAR 1000W reflector [1]

  • Lighting stands [5]


LIGHT TECHNICIAN: Michał Wawrzyniak / +48 535 303 864
If there is not enough lighting equipment, it is possible to adapt the performance to technical possibilities.



  1. SOUND

  • Audio mixer (to which the computer is connected)

  • Wireless microphone with reverb effect

  • The minijack cable connects from the computer to the mixer

  • Sound system


MUSICIAN:  Przemek Degórski / +48 696 842 456 

4.    OTHES

  • table for setting up the mixer 

  • dressing room with mirror

  • Setting-Up: 8 hours, min. 2 technical hours (sound, light)

  • Rehearsal: min. 2 hours before the performance

  • the group consists of 4 performers, a lighting technician and a musician

  • ​​


03.09.2020—> Gdański Festiwal Tańca PREMIERA

04.09.2020—> Gdański Festiwal Tańca 

12.11.2020 —> XXIV Międzynarodowe Spotkania Teatrów Tańca w Lublinie

10.08.2021 —> Krakowskie Centrum Choreograficzne (Nowohuckie Centrum Kultury ) 
29 .08.2021 —> Teatr Ziemi Rybnickiej 
04.09.2021 —> Teatr Kana w Szczecinie / Festiwal OFF Kontrapunkt 2021 KONTRAPUNKT - Przegląd Teatrów Małych Form
05.09.2021 —> Obornicki Ośrodek Kultury 
28.10.2021 —> Wrocław / Studio Na Grobli, Instytut Grotowskiego 
30.10.2021 —> Nowosolski Dom Kultury 

05.11.2021 —> Tetar KTO w Krakowie
21.11.2021 —> Teatr im. Jana Kochanowskiego w Opolu 

07.10.2022 —>Teatr im. Heleny Modrzejewskiej w Legnicy

04.11.2022 —> Bielski Dom Kultury w Bielsku Podlaskim

05.11.2022 —> Teatr KTO w Krakowie

13.11.2022 —> Tetar Maska w Rzeszowie

19.10.2023 —> DramaQueer Festival, Bratysława, Słowacja

09.11.2023 —> Katowice Akademia Muzyczna

26.11.2023 —> Komuna Warszawa

05.12.2023 —> Teatr KTO w Krakowie

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