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2020 09 16 SYMETRIA spektakl-80.jpg



Michał Przybyła


Daniel Komędera-Miśkiewicz and Dominik Więcek


Michał Strugarek


Symmetry is disintegration and duplication.
The drama of skin sensitivity.
And the face. And words.
Symmetry is the body at rest.
Alienating the body and reaching out to one another.
Symmetry is an automatic and impulsive reaction.
Symmetry is fascination.
Or a misunderstanding. Or a desire.
Symmetry is firmness.
Or flirt.
It is a search for truth and a shared reality.
Symmetry is a vision. Ours and yours.
These are the similarities and differences.
It is the interactivity of the reception of meanings and the theme.
Symmetry is a mirror image.
Symmetry is an illusion.

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